Jordan Brand Classic at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center

I can finally say I understand SOME of the hype surrounding Jordans. From the time I was in high school, I never understood why people camp out, miss school or fight over the sneaker. It really is a shame that the brand gets such a bad rap because from what I saw tonight, they have managed to put wind beneath the wings of an entire athletic generation. I’m not even trying to romanticize it.  Jordan has inspired so many people and now we are kind of seeing the affects of his legacy in the new era of mega athletes. Long story, short, it was pretty awesome to be there. The performance from Nicki Minaj was a nice little cherry on top if I do say so myself. “Pretty on fleek” is a fitting description for tonight’s flick.

All American Boys Teams|East vs West
All American Boys Teams|East vs West

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